Blog Post 10

Our group was a group of three but it was still  a successful assignment for us because we all had a similar interest in sports. We chose to do our video on the wrestling team which was really nice considering Jake is on the team and knew the best time to conduct the interview and shoot video footage. It was nice to do our video on something we all enjoyed because it really didn’t take to long to decide on what we wanted to film.

I really enjoyed getting to see the wrestling team behind the scenes. Everyone gets to see the team on duel nights or during tournaments, so it was nice to see the work the were putting in to reach their successes. I wrestled in high school so I have a great respect for the support and enjoy seeing the sport at the collegiate level. I didn’t enjoy having to find times we could meet because of the differing schedules we have and both of us being in sports with practices that conflicted with time.

I was surprised on how easy the video editing process was. This was in large part due to Thomas and the knowledge he had already with editing and shooting video on his mac. I wish we could have shot some videos with us interacting with the team and possibly the coaches. Mark Branch the coach won two national titles while he was in college so I think it would have been great to ask him some questions and get his opinion on the team.

I could see myself doing some video promotions for a company in the future. I plan on working in the agriculture industry where sales are key. I feel that with the help of the class and this assignment I am better prepared to conduct an interview on video and edit it later in order to promote something I’m involved in or something I’m trying to sell.

Here is our finished video on the University of Wyoming Wrestling Team.

Blog Post 9 (Live Tweeting)

I chose to live tweet the University of Wyoming Cowboy’s and Colorado Christian Cougar’s men’s basketball game on December 5th. It was a really exciting game in which both teams fought hard and took the lead at some point in the game. Wyoming was able to finish with the win but it was still a great game on both sides of the ball.

I really liked the fact that even though I was at the game to live tweet it for a grade, I was still able to enjoy the game and the atmosphere like I normally would. It was also enjoying to go to a game with friends and do an assignment on something I was interested in. I didn’t enjoy having to pick the perfect time to post and who I was going to interview because the planning took away from the relaxed feel of just watching a basketball game.

I previously didn’t have a twitter so I learned how to set up a social media account and run one in a professional matter. I never have had a social media account but I definitely noticed how running an account for a business would differ from running a personal account. I was surprised how quickly I learned how to use twitter and also that people re-tweeted my post. I wish I could have interviewed a coach or player but understood they were busy and unable to make it work.

I could see myself running a social media account for a business or future employer but definitely not for myself personally. I feel it takes to much time away from other things I’m trying to accomplish in my life to make the switch and connect through an app like Facebook or Twitter. I feel a career in agriculture doesn’t really have a great need for social media, but I also know I can successfully use a social media platform to campaign for something like safe food. Overall I really enjoyed this assignment and look forward to possibly using social media in a professional way in the future.

Here is a link to my twitter page.

Blog Post 8

1. For this critique, I decided to compare the social media accounts of Pepsi and Coca Cola. The purpose of this is to analyze the two different companies social media presence, and learn further how social media is able to influence the overall success of the company. Through this analysis, I was able to determine that one company used social media much more effectively, and had a much larger social media impact than the other one.

2. I chose to analyze Pepsi and Coca Cola, because they are two very similar companies, and the potential for their social media is very similar. In a basic sense, they each are selling practically the same product so therefore one company does not have an advantage over the other.



3. Coca Cola used every single one of the social media platforms listed: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Coca Cola’s social media presence was exceptional. They had close to a billion likes on Facebook, 3.29 Million likes on Twitter, and 1.6 Million likes on Instagram. One thing I noticed about Coca Cola’s page is that they generally relied upon “vintage” style photography, especially with the glass bottles. They varied the use of photos with videos, and advertisements accordingly. One thing I noticed when researching Coca Cola was their use of a Pinterest page. Their Pinterest page was filled with recipe ideas using Coke, coke memorabilia you can purchase, and other holiday/event ideas. The branding across the social media pages was very consistent, oftentimes with the same posts going on each of their social media accounts. It was clear that Coca Cola was using their social media’s generally for advertising purposes.

Pepsi used Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for social media, and uses Snapchat advertisements, but does not have a personal account themselves. Pepsi, though not as successful as Coca Cola, had 35 million likes on Facebook, and 3 million followers on Instagram. They had similar content to Coca Cola, and used a variety of videos and pictures to diversify their pages. The branding for Pepsi was again very consistent across their social media platforms, yet they also had less accounts to be consistent across. Pepsi’s purpose for their social media platforms was advertising as well as introducing new products.

4. 3 positives and 3 pieces of advice

Coca Cola


1) Use of all potential social media platforms. This applies to the article “7 Characteristics of a Successful Social Media Presence” with the first piece of advice being “It needs to be everywhere your customers are”.

2) Use of engaging images.

3) Branding/Image. Coca Cola’s use of the “vintage” bottles in their posts makes the content more engaging.


1) Double-Posts on Accounts. I believe that if they changed the posts based on the various accounts that they would get more engagement overall because the followers of the different accounts would not get bored to see the same content posted on each site.

2) It needs to provoke more engagement. From the same article ” 7 Characteristics of a Successful Social Media Account”, Coca Cola could work on provoking more audience engagement, including having contests, user posts, etc.

3) Create more shareable content. From the article “10 ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement”, Coca Cola could work on creating posts people want to share, rather than posts that simply feel like advertisements.



1) Mix Up Content Type. from the article “10 ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement”, Pepsi does a really good job of varying their social media content.

2) Use of engaging images. Pepsi does a good job of using engaging images and videos.

3) It is fun and exciting content. Pepsi does a great job of creating a fun atmosphere, especially their use of humor and NFL players, etc.


1) Use more social media platforms. Pepsi uses only 3 out of the 6 social media platforms and could increase engagement if they were to use more.

2) Like Coca Cola, Pepsi could use to create more shareable content. This is from the article “10 ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement”.

3) It needs to vary its content from just advertisements to different types of content.

5. The social media management panel was great help in explaining social media through the professional and business standpoint. I personally don’t have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so it was a great help to hear how to manage a professional account in case I’m ever asked to do so in the future. I thought that the advice on how to handle negative feedback was helpful, it addressed responding and trying to understand why the customer gave a negative response without going to their level and remaining professional.

Blog Post 6

My interviewing experience was great, I really enjoyed choosing questions that would spark the most conversation in the interview. It was really easy to interview Logan because of how passionate he was about his major. It was awkward at first using the audio recorder because I new that if there was no room for error when we were talking. I was gone so I didn’t get to experience being the interviewee, however I can imagine how having to do most of the talking would be challenging at first.

I really enjoyed getting to lead the interview in the direction of my choosing based on the questions I had picked to ask Logan. With him not knowing what questions I was going to ask I got answers that came without planning, thus I received his true opinions and plans rather than a response that was thought about in debt. I also feel that the interview stayed on topic very firmly in large part due to the audio recorder, because he knew he was being recorded he gave long direct responses rather that just quick person to person remarks.

Overall I was very pleased with how my interview was conducted. I used some advice from the class website to help with the sound quality. I laid a towel on my kitchen table to help with the echoing in the room and put my phone on interview mode. I was very happy with my sound quality and all parts of the interview itself I just wish the assignment as a whole went more smoothly. For starters I was unable to upload any of my data due to my inexperience with the various applications we used for this assignment. Also I had a really difficult time uploading onto Soundcloud because of the technology available to me. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of my work and was able to overcome these challenges.


Blog Post 7

My experience with both blog post 6 and 7 was quite challenging. Prior to this assignment I had never done audio recording or edited and uploaded media to be edited. One of the more challenging tasks in this assignment was having to use different applications such as Soundcloud and Audacity. Moving the files and converting them back and forth took some time to get used to but overall I believe my audio and edited audio sounded great.

I really enjoyed listening to the interview in a different way than I did when I was conducting it. The second and every time you listen to the audio again you pick up different things that can be changed to help it sound better. Again it was difficult to convert the audio files in the different apps making it quite frustrating and not very enjoyable.

I was very surprised as to how good the audio sounded through my headphones. I took the advice from class and laid a towel down on my kitchen table to help absorb some of the echoing in the room. Also I was surprised how easy it was to cut out parts of the audio and keep the information that helped the interview flow more in the form of a story rather than just a question and answer. It really helped that Logan, the person I interviewed answered all of my questions in complete sentences rather than just being brief.

I wish this assignment could of went more smoothly in a few ways. It was very difficult to deal with issues back home and make time to complete the interview and editing. Now that I’m much more comfortable with the technology I feel the outcome would be much greater. For the most part the assignment went well and I’m very happy with the quality just more time would have been nice with everything that occurred that week.


Blog Post 5

Pictures for Thought

Engagement in Prexy’s Pasture

Future Mr. and Mrs. Andrew celebrate their engagement on campus.
Future Mr. and Mrs. Andrew celebrate their engagement on campus.

I took this photo when I was walking back from a Rodeo meeting that I had on campus. These two seniors at the University of Wyoming were getting professional engagement photos done in the middle of Prexy’s Pasture. This shot was very easy to take, since they were posing for the professional photographer at the time. I believe it is a creative and interesting shot because from my perspective, it felt spontaneous and fun. This photo was able to capture a really fun time in these two young people’s lives, and it felt exciting to take the photo and almost capture their excitement in a picture. The creative devices in this photo would be color and contrast, because the brightly colored clothes in the picture make them pop out in the photo.

The Sun Sets on Another Weekend of Rodeo

Rodeo contestants check the final standings in preparation for the short round at the Riverton college rodeo.
Rodeo contestants check the final standings in preparation for the short round at the Riverton College Rodeo.

Waiting in Anticipation 

Rodeo contestants from apposing schools wait for their chance to compete.
Rodeo contestants from apposing schools wait for their chance to compete.

In Pursuit 

A Breakaway Roper chases a calf in the Short Round of the Riverton College Rodeo
A breakaway roper chases a calf in the short round of the Riverton College Rodeo

This sports-related photo was taken at a Rodeo that I was competing in for the University of Wyoming. College rodeos are always very high-intensity events, and a lot of pride and heart goes into the competition. The contestants are usually very nervous and anxious to compete well, and there is a lot of anticipation before they nod. This shot was very easy to take because it was taken while I was waiting for my turn to compete. This photo captures that moment when the wait is over and its go time. I used the creative device of depth and framing to capture this shot. The way the photo is taken it is almost as though you are standing down in the arena watching it for yourself.

2016-2017 Central Rocky Mountain Region Standings

Preparing for one Last Ride

Chadron State University Bull Rider, Chasen Cole prepares to ride in Riverton, WY.

This photo is of the number one ranked bull rider in the region. I stumbled upon it when we were both standing nearby waiting to compete. The atmosphere surrounding this photo is again one of a lot of anxiety and anticipation because it was important for Chasen to continue to build on his scores and compete well. When taking this photo I felt how important it was for him to compete well, and could feel the determination in the shot. The creative device I used for this shot was background and framing. I believe this is a successful shot because with the background and framing, it gives the viewer a good idea of the surrounding atmosphere.

2016-2017 Central Rocky Mountain Region Standings


The thing that surprised me about this assignment was how difficult it was to take candid shots of people that you do not know. It felt strange at times to randomly be taking pictures of people, especially when you weren’t warning them and it couldn’t be staged. It felt at times almost like an invasion of privacy, or something that someone could get personally mad at. The one thing I would have done differently was get more variety in my photographs, since most of them are shots of the rodeo. This is a challenge for me because it is easier for me to photograph things I am passionate about, rodeo being the biggest one.

Blog Post Four

Creative Devices: Cody Negri


UW Pride: I believe that this photo’s creative elements are Color and Background. This photo is successful in the fact that the yellow in the flag contrasts with the blue of the sky, creating each to further pop within the frame. The background of the clouds also is successful because it creates depth within the photo, and gives the viewer something to focus on that is not just the flag in the foreground.


Fence Posts: This photo’s main creative elements are Contrast and Leading Lines. The contrast between the sunset and the fence post is what makes this photo visually appealing. If it were not for the stark contrast between the fence and sky, this photo would not be as successful because the viewers eye would not be immediately drawn to anything.  The leading lines in the photo also lends to the success of this photo because it creates a depth to the photo that pairs nicely with the contrast that is the main draw to the photo as a whole. The lines of the fence post actually lead directly to the setting sun in the background, drawing the viewers attention there as well.


Dog and Sunset: The creative elements used in this photo are cropping and viewpoint. By taking the photo from this angle, it gives a new perspective to the dog than people generally do not look at on a regular basis. Cropping was also used in this photo in the sense that I chose to not include the full picture of the dog in the frame. This also makes the picture more visually appealing because it is different than most photos of dogs we are generally exposed to, and it draws the viewers eye to the dog’s face, where the real visual appeal of the photograph is.


Squirrel: The creative elements used in this photo are texture and symmetry. Texture is utilized in this photo in a contrast. The rough texture of the tree bark contrasted with the soft texture of the squirrel’s fur creates a more successful and visually appealing photo. Symmetry is also used in this photo in the form of the tree branches in the background. Because of the way that the branches are angled, they take up the entire frame, making for a good use of symmetry.



Horses Grazing: The elements used in this photo are framing and creating depth. The way that the first horse’s head creates a perfect frame for the second horse is an interesting element in this photo. This also leads into creating depth. By having the horses staggered like this and having the framing elements, this photo has a lot of depth within it, making it much more successful.

Something that surprised me about this assignment was how difficult it was to make sure you weren’t reusing the same creative devices in each of your photos. It was becoming easy to take photos of multiple subjects using the same devices, but a key to this assignment was to try and attempt to utilize all the creative elements, and have each picture be unique to the creative device used.

I wish in some of my photos that the lighting was better. When shooting the photos, the lighting was not as great as I would have hoped, creating what were slightly less successful photos in my opinion. Next time I am going to be more vigilant about the time of day I shoot the photos, and in future assignments, edit the lighting for better overall pictures.




Martindale’s News Feature Story

A Store Truly Built for the Customer: Martindale’s Western Store

On an early Laramie morning Joan Martindale prepares her store for another day of business. She has been doing so since the companies grand opening on September 13, 1995. Although Martindale’s Western Store has been in business for over 21 years, they still open the doors with the same thing in mind, help customers find something they’ll love and create a positive experience.

Differing Management styles

Unlike a large corporate business Martindale’s has one location and few employees. With one location the company can focus on only what the customers in their community need. Martindale’s is very customer oriented, in an industry that commonly revolves around compromise, this store sees no need to do so. By being a small business Martindale’s can build relationships with their customers and provide for a customers specific need.

Joan Martindale, the store owner and manager, shares her view on what makes Martindale’s so successful in an industry that is commanded by large businesses.

” By not being a large corporate business, I get to make my own decisions,” said Joan. “When I go to market I get to choose what to place in my store. As a member of the Laramie community for over 20 years, I know what will sell and what won’t. I only have to buy what I want to buy unlike a large business with a corporate agenda.”

As a small business owner and her own boss Joan gets to make every decision for the business based on what she believes is best. If a customer comes in and wants something specific not in the store, the staff on hand can go to the vendor that makes the product and get it directly for the customer.

Image result for martindale's laramie wy
Joan Martindale enjoying a conversation with a customer.
 As a business that only has one location, Martindale’s is able to get involved in the Laramie and Albany County community. Joan gets to support local people who share the same love she does for Laramie and the State of Wyoming. The store prides itself on selling goods made in the United States, and if possible made locally in Wyoming. Martindale’s has been a large supporter of the youth in the area. They sponsor the Albany County Fair and make donations to many teams such as The University of Wyoming Rodeo Team whenever someone is in need.
 Employee involvement
Meagan Jones, an employee at the store, shares what it’s like to work for a small family business.

” I love coming to work everyday knowing that I am going to help customers find something that makes them special,” said Meagan. “Unlike in a large business where the owner is never present and only comes in to receive a check, here at Martindale’s I get to work with the owner everyday.”

Businesses with low employee numbers rely heavily on their employees buying in on the stores philosophy. If a businesses emplyoees know the direction of the business, they truly can be a part of running the business much like Meagan has done at Martindales. A small business is much more likely to succeed if everyone has a part in being successful.

customer oriented


People of the Laramie community for years have visited Martindale’s for their western wear or for a good conversation about pressing issues or event in the area.Small businesses in a way are forced to find their target customers, unlike a large company with large ad campaigns and television commercials, small retail businesses must find their own way to stand out and get noticed. Martindale’s does so by customer feed back based on good feedback from prior customers.  Jill Atkins, a Laramie resident and frequent customer tells of her experiences at Martindale’s.

” I have been coming to Martindale’s on a regular basis for the last 10 years,” Jill stated. Every time regardless of who’s working I know I am going to be greeted with a smile. The staff at Martindale’s will always do whatever it takes to make sure I find what I’m looking for and that I pay a price that is fair for both me and the business. I definitely will continue to come and hope others will as well.”

Additional Information

Martindale’s has uploaded a personal bio that explains how the company was founded and about  .

The Martindale’s sign that greets customers as they walk in. Photo courtesy of the Martindale’s Facebook Page

For additional information on Martindale’s or other  places to see while in Laramie, click on the link below. For updates on the store’s newest items or special offerings, find and follow Martindale’s on Facebook.


Usability Analysis of The Distant Oasis

The Distant Oasis Website is set up in a vertical style. I had really no choice other than to scroll down and view the material presented in chronological order starting with the picture of Europa’s Frozen surface.

The website follows the tips presented in the coarse blog, the navigation method is very easily understood and described with a scroll down arrow. Even if a viewer failed to read anything on the page they would still understand the gist of the site by simply scrolling down and looking at the pictures and diagrams.

The website could use some links to help the reader understand unclear terms and definitions. In a way the site is to simple, more explanation could be helpful rather than just impressive diagrams.

I was unable to find any contact information other than the creators names which were very small and hard to read. The creators did a great job and should of gotten more space on the site to be recognized.

Another person had similar results they scrolled straight through the website without problems, but wished the website had more explanations for the worlds used. They were also unable to find a way to contact the authors other than the main National Geographic Website.

Both of are usability tests were similar for the most part. We both felt the website was very simple to navigate but needed more definitions and explanation as to what the words mean. We differed in only a few ways they felt there was to many moving diagrams, while I liked all the diagrams and just wished there was more information as to possible life on the planet.

I would not change the simplicity of the vertical orientation, the colored diagrams and the use of moving parts in the diagrams. All of this helps to catch the viewers attention.

I would like to see sound added to make the site more exciting, also I would like links that explain words that are uncommon and I believe the authors should have contact information that makes it easy to communicate with any questions.

My News Diet

I must admit I am not as tech savvy as most of my peers. As a generation that revolves around what is currently hot or trending I am definitely out of the so called norm. I have never had a Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or Pinterest and yet I have still managed to survive. Even without the cliche social media accounts I still manage to know whats going on in the world I live in.

Growing up on a farm weather was very important and well as what’s affecting the ag community. RFD TV is always on at my house, it’s news built for farmers and the ag community. It gives local weather reports, current crop cost and also testimonials by successful people in the agri-business market. I also have a great love for football so ESPN is very important to me and always on, specifically when Boise State or the Dallas Cowboys are playing.

I do find entertainment sources to be informative. I use Snapchat quite often and use the CNN and ESPN stories because they conveniently on my phone every morning so before I start my day I check what’s currently happening.

My co-workers and I talk about anything and everything that comes to mind. We have a very open relationship so everyone feels free and open when in a conversation. I feel this is very healthy because we can talk about anything from politics to religious beliefs without anyone being offended or hurt. I often agree with my co-workers on political issues but we do have differing opinions on sports. However we talk on a regular basis so we generally know how each other think without even asking.

I feel I can make improvements on my news diet by being more open when it comes to listening to different news stations and getting the whole view rather than just the views I’m going to always agree with. By doing this I feel it will push me to be a more rounded person that’s easier to speak to.